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Ralambshov Park

Rålambshovsparken (English: Rålambshov Park) is a park on the island of Kungsholmen in the Marieberg district of Stockholm, Sweden.

This park passes under a section of Västerbron. In the west, the park borders the Konradsberg campus of Stockholm University, in the east it extends toward promenade of Norr Mälarstrand and in the south it extends to Riddarfjärden.

Rålambshovsparken is home to several sculptures: Monument över Yxman by Eric Grate (1896-1983), Domarring by Egon Möller-Nielsen (1915- 1959), Fjärilen by Elli Hemberg and Färgtorn by Lars Erik Falk (1922-2018). 

The park opened in 1936 and was one of the first in Stockholm to be designed according to functionalist principles. It was designed by landscape architect Erik Glemme (1905-1959) and resembles the functionalist style popular in that era. In celebration of Stockholm's 700-year anniversary, an amphitheater was added in 1953, with capacity for 5,000 people. Rålis Skatepark was inaugurated in 2010 under "Lilla Västerbron". 

Ralambshov Park