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The Sniffing Tobacco and Matches Museum

The Sniffing Tobacco and Matches Museum, unique in Sweden, is an industrial and cultural history museum with extensive collections of Swedish tobacco and match history. The museum was founded in 1938.

The collected items were obtained from some of the hundreds of tobacco factories that existed in Sweden until 1915, when the Swedish tobacco monopoly was introduced. In 1965 the tobacco museum moved to the Gubbhillan house on Skansen. The museum was supplemented with a match and in 2000 changed its name to the Museum of Tobacco and Matches. The main exhibitions focus on the history of tobacco and matches in terms of cultural heritage. Part of the exhibition, the Snus factory, shows what the production of snus could have looked like at the end of the 19th century.

The collections belong to the Swedish foundation Match Tobacco and Match History. The museum is managed with the financial support of the Swedish Match.

The Sniffing Tobacco and Matches Museum