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Skansen Aquarium

Skansen Aquarium is a tropical house with rainforest and aquarium, located in Skansen in Stockholm. It is owned and operated by Jonas Wallström.

Skansen Aquarium is known for its ring swans, which jump freely among visitors. There are also species of snakes, spiders, turtles and primates as well as a crocodile cube.

The Skansen Aquarium is located in the Skansen area and you have to pay first to enter Skansen and then to enter the aquarium. The entrance fee finances the operation and maintenance of the Skansen Aquarium.

On 20 August 2019, an incident occurred when an elderly man was bitten by an old man during a party indoors. During a cancer event organized by a men's club, the man gave a speech and then climbed up a ledge next to the fence of a crocodile cube. To keep his balance, he held a glass plate that separates the fence from the audience and stuck his hand above the glass, causing the crocodile to jump up and bite the man. The man was bandaged and taken to hospital, but the hospital assessed his condition as stable.

Skansen Aquarium