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Molndal City Museum

Molndal City Museum, formerly Molndal Museum, is a museum in the municipality of Molndal, Vestra Gotaland district. The building of the museum was located so September 2002 at the top of the Kvarnbygatan hill in Molndal, the so-called "Molndal crow". 

Next to the city museum, there is a café serving lunch on weekdays and coffee and pastries on weekends. 


The Molndal  Museum was opened in February 1987 in the old police house on Norra Forsåkersgatan in Kvarnby Mollandale. It was a school museum with a target group of municipal preschoolers and schoolchildren. At the end of 2001/2002, the operations were moved to the former Strampan industrial building on the ridge of Kvarnbigatan. On January 1, 2011 the museum changed its name to the Municipal Museum Mondal.

Exhibitions and Collections 

The main exposition of the museum is an "open journal", where visitors can freely engage in botany in the museum collections. The museum library and research department are in the middle of the exhibition.

The museum also has a permanent exhibition of Lindome furniture and a hall for temporary exhibitions. Among the temporary exhibitions for many years was an exhibition about graffiti, another about cleaning and a third about Barbie dolls .

In 2013, the museum was renovated and in January 2014 the new inauguration took place.

The burglary was a new exhibition. 

The night between 29 and 30 August 2009 the museum was hacked and hard drives and games from the Computer Games exhibition were stolen. The most successful company in the 20-year history of the museum with 38,000 visitors was cancelled, and instead the exhibition Crime Site - Game Over was opened. The traces of the hack were not cleaned, but became part of the new exhibition.

Molndal City Museum