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The Aquarium Maritime Museum

The Aquarium Maritime Museum, originally just the Maritime Museum, in Gothenburg is located in Old Varvsparken on the Stiegbergstorgheta in the 3rd quarter of Blasana in the Majorne. Next to the museum is the Sailor's Tower. The property of the museum, marked Majorna 403: 3, is owned and operated by Higab since January 13, 2017. From 17 September 2018 the museum was closed for renovation and expansion. It is expected to open in the autumn of 2021 with a new aquarium building underground, new exhibitions and a new entrance in front of Karl Johansgatan .


The Maritime Museum was founded by the Maritime Association in Gothenburg in 1912 on the initiative of ship owner Werner Lundquist. In the rented premises in Skepsbron - they were used by the Lundquist - business started in 1913. They remained here until 1923, when the collections were moved to the anniversary exhibition in Gothenburg and became the basis of the large Maritime Department. The collections were kept after the end of the exhibition until 1925, when temporary exhibition halls were rented from the Swedish Shipowners' Association at the Royal Sports Arena 1. When the anniversary exhibition ended in 1923, the museum bought an aquarium, which was located in the Marine Department. At the same time, the city of Gothenburg donated445,000 Swedish kronor to the museum for various purchases.

The Gothenburg Maritime Museum was founded in 1917 and the first donation was announced at the founding meeting of the association on August 8 this year. Werner Lundquist donated SEK 100,000 to the city of Gothenburg for a fund called the "Gothenburg Maritime Museum Building and Maintenance Fund". The return will be used to maintain and expand the museum's collections or for a possible museum building. Its first chairman was ship owner Dan Broström. On September 12, 1918, Ångfartygsaktiebolaget, controlled by Brostrom, donated to Tirfing1 million Swedish kroons for the construction of the museum building. One of the conditions was that the amount entitled "Donation of Broströmska" should be managed by a special commission and used for the construction and maintenance of the maritime museum.

The Aquarium Maritime Museum

One of the wishes was for the city to free up a plot of land for this purpose in Old Warvsparken, which was immediately approved by the Gothenburg City Council. In addition, in a letter of donation dated 8 May 1923, Broström personally donated SEK 300,000 to the city of Gothenburg as a gift for the administration of the city under the title "Donation of Dan Broström for the 300th anniversary of Gothenburg". The annual income from the donation, after a tenth of the capital income, will be evenly distributed between the board of the University of Gothenburg and the Maritime Museum. On February 1, 1930, Ann-Ida Broström presented SEK 100,000 to the city of Gothenburg under the management of the Maritime Museum under the name "Dan Broström Memorial Fund for Marine Technical Research". After a tenth of the profit was added to the capital, the Board of Directors was free to choose the balance of the annual return of the fund.

In 1922 it was possible to organize an architectural competition. When Dan Broström died in a car accident in 1925, the museum's plans were curtailed.

However, the architect Carl M. Bengtson presented a revised proposal in 1928, which was accepted. The museum was built in 1931-33 and then opened by King Gustav V on July 14, 1933. The first stone was laid on February 4, 1931 by Anne-Ida Broström. At the same time, a memorial service for the victims of the sea war was opened - Saylor Tower. In the park, the bust of Dana Broström was presented by the sculptor Eric Raphael-Rodberg. In 1937 in the park was opened the monument of Pennsylvania as a monument to the Swedish colony of New Sweden.

The Aquarium Maritime Museum

In 1976, an agreement was reached with the municipality of Gothenburg, which meant that the museum received a double principal; the city is responsible for the museum and its fund. The board of the Gothenburg Maritime Museum takes care of the management of the building and much more. The foundation funded 2009-10 together with the Gothenburg Culture Committee for the reconstruction of the third floor, which was completed in 2011. They were then provided with new ventilation and new major exhibitions, an educational studio and a games room.


The aquarium previously consisted of a cold water section and a tropical section with aquariums and terrariums. The tropical section was closed in the autumn of 2002 and time was used for regular exhibitions. In 2005, the tropical section was reopened with new aquariums. In spring 2008, the northern department (cold water section) was renovated, where the water treatment system received new equipment and the public part was repainted. In spring 2009, a new exhibition area for temporary exhibitions in the tropical section was opened. In April 2009 the exhibition "The most important research trip in history?" was opened in connection with the Darwin year. The year 2009 made historical and scientific contributions to the theory of evolution. In the autumn of 2009, a multimedia studio with a stand and several different computer and video screens was also installed in front of a crane in the Tropical Department.

The Aquarium Maritime Museum