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Fiskekôrka, originally Fiskhallen, is a seafood market in central Gothenburg. It is located along the Rosenlundsgatan by the Rosenlund Canal and close to the Rosenlund Bridge. The property is designated plot 1 in block 70 Fiskhallen.

Feskekôrka was built on newly completed fortified land in the fish market and opened on 1 November 1874. The name Gothenburg was given for its church-like appearance. It has been a memorial building since October 10, 2013. The Feskekôrka belongs to the city of Gothenburg and is managed by Higab.

The oldest place to fish was in Lille Torghet, and there was a large raft. In 1671, the operation and the raft were moved to Stora Bommen and then to Stora Hamkanalen, at the piers near Stora Torget (now Gustav Adolfs Torg), first on the east side and then on the west side of the German Bronze.

The sale of fish was also carried out directly from the boats of the archipelago and from a large fleet, called fleet, fishing fleet or simply fleet. The herring was laid out in large piles in the streets, which caused an unbearable stench. On May 21, 1849, due to the transformation of Gustav Adolf Square into a front square, the sale and the raft were moved to the Rosenlund Canal and to a place that was also called Fiscorghet. A fishing fleet came and moored here, regularly on Wednesdays and Saturdays.