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The Malmo Museums

The Malmö Museums is a municipal and regional museum in Malmö. The museum features exhibitions on technology, shipping, natural history and history. The Malmö Museum also has an aquarium. Exhibitions are mainly exhibited at Slottsholmen and at Teknikens and Sjöfartens hus . At Slottsholmen, Castle Malmohus is part of the museum as well as the Malmö Art Museum . 

Malmö Museums is also a scientific centre.  The Malmö Science Centre includes the exhibitions Planet of Ideas, Vehicles of the Future, Muscles and Engines, Heaven and Earth, City of Time, Smart and Our Nature. 

The Malmö Museums are also responsible for the archaeological and maritime discovery of Malmö on behalf of the County Administrative Council, as well as the municipal environmental protection task. The museum received the "Museum of the Year 2002" award from the Swedish National Museum of Sweden. The head of the museum is Katharina Karlsson from spring 2015 .


The Malmö Museum's collections contain around 500,000 objects, 4 million photographs, 3-4 million archaeological artefacts and an archive collection. The largest areas in the museum's collections include cultural history, nature, archaeology, technology and maritime history. Some of the museum objects are available for search in the Carlotta database. 


The museum has a number of permanent exhibition bases. In Slotsholmene there are major exhibitions: Castle Malmohus, power over people, by order of the king, our nature, aquarium, welcome to Sweden, Color Form Function, dinosaurs Strandkanten and Skåne and other very old animals. There are also museums of natural history in Malmö that depict the Swedish nature. They were built in the 1930s and 1940s. In the main entrance of Slottsholmen since 1937 there is a giraffe in the Malmö Museum.

The House of Technology and Shipping presents the main exhibitions of Ubåten U3 , Rowing Room, Without Vision, Coastal Land, Muscles and Engines, Planet of Ideas, Vehicles of the Future, Heaven and Earth, Impressions, Smart, City of Times and Women Making History. 

The museum also exhibits and produces temporary exhibitions. In 2012, the Muri Romani family was represented at the exhibition.

The Malmo Museums