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Form Design Center

Form / Design Center is a place for knowledge and inspiration in form, architecture and design. There are exhibitions, master classes, talks and lectures, a shop and a café. Form / Design Center is also a platform for the industry and is involved in various development projects.

Form / Design Center is run by Svensk Form Syd, which is a non-profit association and is part of the Svensk Form Association. The centre is managed with the support of the city of Malmö, the Skåne region and the Swedish Council for Culture. The purpose of the Form / Design Center is to actively participate in the national policy of form, architecture and design, as well as to contribute to the creation of favorable conditions for life, as well as for human and sustainable social development. They also want to be a place for knowledge, a place that will create strong experiences and attract creativity, as well as provide knowledge and encourage critical dialogue.

The Center of Forms / Design was opened by Gustav V.I. Adolf in June 1964 at the Malmö Stadium. One of the initiators was Annika Heikensheld, who headed the Centre from 1964 to 1989. In 1974, Form moved to Hedmanska farm in Lilla Torg. During these years, more than 1,200 exhibitions were produced and shown.

FormDesign Center