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Arstiderna i Kockska Huset

An innovative menu from a restaurant can do so much for a historic building. Årstiderna i Kockska Huset is set in a building that will make you feel like you stepping back into the middle ages and the chefs serve a menu that is modern and seasonal. Although the building is old the menu and service has gotten the eye of the Michelin Guide and if you are looking for a fine dining experience in a classically beautiful setting then Årstiderna i Kockska Huset is the place to make a booking.

Historic walking tour

The Kockska house, partly through its central location, but mainly through people who had the house as their home and/or workplace, was central in several events since construction in 1522-25. Gustav Vasa was placed here. Here, the Reformationists ruled Malmö.
The first port of Malmö, the limestone mill in Limhamn, Kokkums, was launched at least in an aquarium by the people who lived here.
They'll walk you around Jørgen Coke's house and tell you all about it and more. The main focus is on three people / periods;

Arstiderna i Kockska Huset

- Jørgen Kotzk from the 1500s
- France Soull of the 1700s.
- Frans Henrik Kotskum 1800/1900s. Kockums Industrier.

The tour starts outside the house around 1517 and ends on 3 floors at the present time. It all takes about 30 minutes.

SEK 295 / person.
At least 10 people, Max. 40 people.
The price includes a glass of sparkling wine, which can be enjoyed during the tour.

Arstiderna i Kockska Huset