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The Lion's Pharmacy, Malmo

The Lion's Pharmacy or Teschska Palace on the Stortorget in Malmo is one of the brightest buildings in the city from the historical period of the 19th century, erected in 1896 in neo-Renaissance. After the pharmacy market was liberalized in 2009, "Lion" became one of four cultural pharmacies owned by the state.


The builder was pharmacist John Tesch. The oldest known letter of royal privilege for pharmacists in Malmö was issued in 1571 by Fredrik II. The city pharmacy in Kirkogatan was run by a German family of pharmacists Dietrich in the 17th and 18th centuries, and was then called Dietrich's Pharmacy. Another pharmacy was opened in 1731 and animal symbols were used to distinguish the pharmacies. Dietrich has a lion, and he recently installed an eagle.

In 1896 Tesch began construction of a new pharmacy house on the east side of the main square. The new pharmacy was equipped with large showcases, but the top floor was also built as attractive as possible. Among the jewelry, Tesha himself is depicted. Not only the exterior, but also the interior, it has become a generous design both in pharmacies and in residential areas. An unusual feature of that time was an elevator to Tesha's own luxury apartment in the house.

The architects were Lindvall & Boklund, a newly established architectural firm with August Lindvall and Harald Boklund. They would improve Hans Hallström's offer. Pharmacist Tesch changed ideas during construction, and the relationship between the architects and the developer led to litigation.

At the time of construction, the Lion pharmacy was considered one of the largest in Europe, almost as diverse as the Imperial Pharmacy in Moscow. It was Malmö's most valuable property at the turn of the century 1900.

Tesha left the pharmacist after 16 years to move into the banking world and also became a driving force at the racetrack. One of the new owners was the sister of Tesch Hjalmar Andersson-Tesch's son.

The Lion's Pharmacy, Malmo