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The Residence in Malmo

The Residence is a building in Stortorghet in Malmö, which houses the residential and representative areas for Governor Skåne. It consists of two houses built, both from the late 16th century. Kungshuset is to the west and Gillenpalm Hass is to the east.


During the 1600s, the "Royal House" belonged to advisor Father Loch. After the conquest of Skåne in 1658, Governor-General Gustav Otto Stenbock and then Field Marshal Gustav Baner lived there. The last one literally threw Father Loch out on the street. Father Loch joined the Danish invading army in 1676, but died at the Battle of Lund in the same year.

The two houses were united back in 1728-30 into a building that housed the residence of the highest county official, the governor. Today's facade is the result of a redevelopment in 1849 with the architect Fredrik Wilhelm Scholander. Today only the western headboard of the snail and a small so-called cherub head on the eastern headboard remind us of the 15th-16th centuries.

King Charles XV died in his county residence on September 18, 1872.

The meeting of Trekunga in 1914 was held from 18 to 19 December in Länsresidenset.

The Governor's residence in Malmö is owned by the Swedish state and managed by a public property agency.

The Residence in Malmo