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The Rosenwinveska house

The Rosenwinveska house on Westergatan in Malmö has the oldest surviving paper wallpaper in the Northern region - since the 157s! The house was built at the beginning of the century and is one of the first examples of Renaissance style buildings and finishes in our latitudes. Ann Rosenwinge was the wife of printer Christian II and moved here after her husband died.

Rosenwinge House is located on Westergatan 5 in Malmö. The house was built in 1534 and is one of the very first examples of Renaissance architecture in Scandinavia. On the stone in the wall is written the following, freely translated from Lower German: "O man, imagine your destiny, how God created you, how death is stolen, thieves of the corpse and cut off life from the poor and rich. On the ground floor of the house are the best preserved rooms from the 16th century in Malmö. Beautiful frescoes here show the splendor of the house of that time.