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The Linnaeus Museum

The Linnaeus Museum is a biographical museum in the Linnaean Garden in Uppsala, Sweden, dedicated to the 18th century botanist Carl Linnaeus. It is run by the Swedish Linnaeus Society. The house was built by Olaus Rudbeck in 1693 and served as official residence for employees at Uppsala University from the latter part of the 17th century until 1934. Its last occupant was musician Hugo Alfvén. Between 1743 and 1778, Carl Linnaeus resided in the building, and in 1937 it was re-made into a museum of Linnaeus personal and professional life. Furniture, household items and textiles, which belonged to the family, are exhibited together with Linnaeus personal medicinal cabinet, insect cabinet and herbarium.

Carl Linnaeus was born in Småland in 1707 but started studying at Uppsala University in 1730, and he later became professor of botany and principal at the same university. He is known for formalising the modern system of naming organisms, creating the modern binomial nomenclature.