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Lunds Konsthall

Lunds Konsthall (Art Gallery, Lund, Sweden) was opened in 1957 and celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2017. The modernist building was designed by Swedish architect Klas Anshelm.

Lunds Konsthall is a significant international contemporary art exhibition with exhibitions and other high-profile events featuring works of art from the surrounding region as well as from the rest of the world, constantly engaged in research and experimentation with new exhibition formats. The city of Lunds is home to the largest university in Scandinavia and a concentration of highly educated residents, making Lunds an interesting environment for contemporary art.

The program is characterized by generosity, openness and clarity. Lectures, discussions and conferences are continuously organized in cooperation with experts from various fields, not least from the academic world. Involving both well-known and lesser-known artists, exhibitions are usually created by Lunds Consthall and are often curated by guest external curators to promote different voices in the art world.

Lunds Constall is also responsible for Lund's art collection. The collection is acquired by a control group consisting of a director and elected politicians and is also responsible for creating public art projects for the new buildings financed by the city of Lund.

Entrance is free for all exhibitions and interpretation activities at Lunds Konsthall.

Lunds Konsthall