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Dunkers Kulturhus

Dunkers Kulturhus is an art museum and art centre in the Norra hamnen (North Harbour) residential area in the Swedish city of Helsingborg, opened in 2002; has a total surface area of 16,000 m², of which 10,600 m² are used as commercial premises - an exhibition area of 3,200 m²; holds temporary exhibitions of contemporary art.

The Dunkers Kulturhus Museum and Art Centre was opened in Helsingborg on 27 April 2002; it became part of the new Norra hamnen (North Harbour) residential area, built by 1999 on the site of historic port facilities from the late 19th century. The centre was named after the family of businessman Henry Dunker (1870-1962). The building was built after an architectural competition in 1997, in which the Danish architect Kim Utzon's project Staden vid vattnet (City by the Water) won; the project was inspired by the Paustians hus building in Copenhagen, built in 1987 by Jorn Utzon.

The plans for the new City Museum existed in Helsingborg long before 2002, and were eventually implemented as a complex of various cultural institutions. The funds for the construction, SEK 330 million, were provided by the Henry and Gerda Dunker Foundation - after which the house received its name. "The Dunker House of Culture was opened by Crown Princess Victoria after two and a half years of construction. The municipality of Helsingborg became responsible for the new institution.

The Kulturhuset in Helsingborg is a group of buildings with different functions connected as one; its white concrete columns and the "wavy" shape of the roofs were the features of the project. The set includes a museum with a permanent exhibition on the history of the city, exhibition halls for temporary exhibitions, the city art school for children and youth, rehearsal music rooms also used for theatre productions, and rooms for local groups who want to express themselves in the arts. The centre regularly hosts exhibitions of contemporary art, such as the temporary group exhibition "Walk The Line" in 2017-2018, which was attended by around ten Swedish contemporary artists, including Osa Junnelius (born 1975).

Dunkers Kulturhus