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Toy World

Toy World is a museum in Helsingborg.

The world of toys is an experience for children and adults. It is not a play centre or a traditional historical toy museum, but a wonderful world built with toy exhibitions, a play area and games for fun, a creepy room and fun activities.

The world of toys is one of a kind thanks to the combination of mini-zones and exhibitions. Unique both by what is on display and by the way it is done. Experience 500 square meters with thousands of toys from the 1960s to the present day, trains and slot tracks, music, sound, light and motion effects (which you can activate by pressing the buttons). If you look at each toy in one second, it will take you hours! So you should take your time - and don't miss any clever details.

The perfect adventure for those who want to spend time with family and friends while traveling along the memory lane. Suitable for all those interested in toys, families, grandparents, collectors, schools, companies, societies and tourists.


Toy World