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St. Mary's Church, Helsingborg

St. Mary's Church - Church building in Helsingborg. It is a parish church in Maria Helsingborg parish in the diocese of Lund .

St. Mary's Church in Helsingborg is the oldest church in the city and was erected in the 11th century in the Romanesque style. In the 1400s it was replaced by a three-storey Gothic brick church, but the sandstone Helsingborg from the older church was used on a pedestal for the choirway and the west side. The Church of St. Mary is a so-called pseudo-Basilica, as it has an elevated ship centre that does not rise so high above the side ships that windows can fit between the roofs. The stair tower was added in the 16th century and in the 19th century the lead roof was replaced by a copper roof. In 1843, the coat of arms of the church in the south and the sacristy in the north were demolished when the church was restored according to the drawings of Charles Georg Brunius. However, the vestry was rebuilt in 1953 after the drawings of Gustav W Widmark, with the older vestry as a role model.

In the 1300s, St Mary's Church was one of Denmark's largest city churches.

The Church is protected by the Cultural Environment Act.

St. Mary's Church, Helsingborg