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Tropikariet Zoo, Helsingborg

In Tropikariet Zoo in Helsingborg you will find animals from all over the world, interesting for everyone, big and small!

The zoo was opened in 1994 entirely with private funds and is operated without any municipal or state subsidies. The Tropikariet is divided into small departments on different topics, according to the animals' habitat. Asia. Night animals are presented in this section. It is dark and moonlight is maintained during the day, so that you can see flying dogs, the world's only night monkey, and many other nightlife animals from tropical forests around the world. South America. This is the largest department you can see here: rays and iguanas, the family of dwarf monkeys and tamarins and many other monkey species. Africa. Here you can see locusts, other insects and animals and the African crocodile, an endangered species.

The zoo has experienced very successful breeding of this species! Madagascar. Here you can see chameleons and lemurs, as well as red toko. Half-moon lemurs are only found in Madagascar. Hajrevet. Here, by the wreck of a pirate ship, you can sit and enjoy the views of the 75,000 gallon aquarium with sharks, rays, corals and various other marine fish of all colors of the rainbow. Corner of knowledge. This section of the zoo is an interesting way to find out what snake fossils include, how many teeth a crocodile actually has, how to see a spider's eyes under a microscope and much more. Café Masai Mara offers a variety of: ice cream, cake, bagels, toasts, bread, soft drinks, coffee, latte, espresso, etc. This newly opened African cafe has everything from coffee to light lunch, hot and cold dishes. You will find the Tropikariet Zoo right in front of the Fredriksdal Museum and Garden.

Tropikariet Zoo, Helsingborg