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Wadkoping is a fictional city in a series of short stories by Hjalmar Bergman. The childhood town of author Erebru and Westeros, where Hjalmar Bergman took the student as a private artist, were role models.

The fictional resort gave its name to the Wadköping Open Air Museum in Örebro.

Hjalmar Bergman and Wadköping...

Vadköping was "born" in 1919 with a novel by Markurells in Vadköping, but this name was probably already mentioned in "Notes of Death" a year earlier under the designation "W". Wadköping later appeared in Herr von Hancken (1920), Me, Ljung and Medardus (1923) and The Girl in Coat (1925), among others. The fact that Bergmann did not equate Örebra with Wadköping can be seen in the following quotation from Herr von Hancken:

"Vittberest I wasn't, but I did visit cities like Uppsala, Örebru and Wadkoping..."    

In addition, Bergmann in Marcourell in Wadkoping provided the city with a bishop, a cathedral and city mountains - attributes that fit well into Westeros. At the same time, there is also a centrally located castle and town hall, which is called beautiful - attributes that could better fit Örebra. A falling map near the Karolinska school in Örebro has been defined by some as "Barthoten Elm" in Markurella in Wadkoping . However, you can't see from its branches to the room in the dormitory, as you could from "Elm Barfota" in the novel.

In a letter to Johan Lindström Saxon Hjalmar Bergman comments on the origin of Wadköping:

"However, my 'rock hit' is by no means a strict geographical concept, but a rather broad term for central and northern Svealand. It's impossible to identify Wadköping with Örebra. It is true that the city has "stood up to the model" in many and many places, but most of all in terms of details, people, some events and above all the mood. The name itself must have appeared as a contradiction with Örebro (a bridge-city-city). Nevertheless, the differences are significant. In fact, Vadköping is nothing more than a large city in the middle of Sweden with outstanding ancestry and traditions, spiritual and material".