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Stadsparken, Orebro

Stadsparken, Orebro.

Örebro Stadspark Park next to Swarton in Örebro . The initiative for the park was taken by the auditor M.E. Baxtrem, who created the "Association for Planting Trees and Gardens in Örebro" in 1862. In 1863, they bought the area where the park is located today. The following year they hired a gardener and a year later they started planting plants. The park has an area of about eight hectares and received its current design in 1933 at the suggestion of the city architect Georg Arne . In 1971, the municipality took over the responsibility from the previous owners.

The town park has a large playground for children with dust spraying. There is a stage for street performances. The Örebro Tennis Club also has tennis courts.

In the eastern part of Stadsparken you will find the Wadköping Open Air Museum. In summer you can take the Wiktoria rowing ferry to Stora Holmen, where there are additional attractions for children.

The Örebro City Park was named the most beautiful park in Sweden on 23 August 2004.

In Stadsträdården there are several interesting sections for garden lovers such as Blomstergården , Rosengården , Magnolialunden , Rhododendron Park and Örtagården . There are greenhouses, which began to be built in 1871. One of the greenhouses now has a cafe and a restaurant. There is also an organic shop with food, clothing and other products, a women's school greenhouse, exhibition spaces, conference rooms, organic cultures and showcases.

Stadsparken, Orebro