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Saint Nicholas Church, Orebro

The Church of St. Nicholas is a church building in the centre of Örebru, Sweden. Originally it was called Örebro kyrka (Swedish: Örebro kyrka), because until the early 20th century it was the only Swedish church built in the city. Örebro kyrka is located in the Swedish diocese of Strangnes.

The construction began at the end of the 13th century and was to be completed by the middle of the 14th century. Most of the church is built of limestone. Romanesque styles have been preserved in the old parts, so the Gothic style is more recent. The oldest part is the choir area around 1275-1300.

The present appearance of the church dates back to the great restoration of 1863-1900, when the Gothic style of the church was emphasized. The proposal for restoration was made by Carl Georg Brunius (1793-1869) and completed by Axel Hermann Hagg (1835-1921) and Associate Professor Adolf Kjellström (1834-1932). The partial reconstruction was carried out in 1936 under the direction of architect Eric Fant (1889-1954) and in 1962-64 according to the drawings of architect Kurt von Schmalensee (1896-1972). The last restoration was carried out in 1979-80.

Saint Nicholas Church, Orebro