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St. Mary's Church, Ystad

St. Mary's Church, Ystad - A medieval Lutheran church in Ystad, Sweden. It's the main church in the city.

The first church on this place was a Romanesque church building in the form of a basilica, built in the 13th century. It was enlarged in Gothic style around 1275, and the remains of this annex are the oldest surviving parts of the church (single wall paintings decorated with vaults).

During the 14th and 15th centuries, the church was successively rebuilt until it acquired the appearance it has acquired to this day. The church was damaged by a storm in 1648 and soon afterwards it received a new transept. A new Baroque tower was also built. During the 18th century, the interior of the church underwent minor alterations, and in the 1830s the church was partially reconstructed according to the design of Carl George Brunius (1792-1869). In 1886, another rather insensitive reconstruction was carried out. Historically more accurate reconstruction was carried out in 1923-24.

The church was built in the completed brick-gothic style. Fine furniture has been preserved in the church, including a high Baroque altar, a large 15th century side-altar made in northern Germany, two medieval wooden sculptures of Mary and St. John, fragments of frescoes and an iron chandelier from the 14th century. There are also two large medieval crucifixions, one of which has a sculpture of Jesus decorated with real hair. 

St. Mary's Church, Ystad