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Ystad Art Museum

Art Museum Ystad was founded in 1936. The collection is dedicated to art in relation to Skåne and Denmark and stretches from the late 19th century to the present day. When the Art Museum opened in 1936, it looked like a depository museum with works from the National Museum, around which, over time, his own collection of works of art was formed. Some of these works still remain and complete the collection. Parts of the collection are in permanent exhibition. Works by Ola, Grete and Hans Billgren, Inger Ekdal, Leif Holmstrand, Torah Vega Holmstrom, Oluf Host, Gerhard Nordstem, Karin Persson, Greta Sandberg, Ellen Trotsig, Charlotte Valentine and Gerhard Wilborg are on display here.

The museum also has a large collection of books by artists (art in book form) since the 1940s. The basis of this collection is the SAAB (Swedish Artists' Book Archive) of artist Leif Eriksson, where the art museum has acquired a significant part. In the Art Museum's collection there are also works/projects that together expand and explore the concept of the Artists' books.

The museum has temporary exhibitions with national and international art.

The director of the museum is Err Jonasdottir, who took possession of Thomas Milrot in 2008.