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Charlotte Berlins Museum

Charlotte Josephine Euphrosyne Aurora Constance Berlin, born 1841 in Ystad, died in 1916, was a Swedish entrepreneur.

She was the daughter of Councillor Johan Theodor Berlin and Anna Maria Elisabeth Algren. She attended a women's school and worked as a piano teacher. She was never married. She is described as fearless, independent, talented, volitional, musical and literate. Through her parental legacy, she was able to make a fortune by investing in equity. She then founded a museum on Damggatan 23 in her hometown of Ystad. The museum consists of her residence, which is an example of perfect decoration from the late 19th century. The museum was founded when she voluntarily donated her house with Ystad furniture and collections. The book "The Original Miss Charlotte Berlin, 2016" was published about her life.