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Stortorget, Karlskrona

The Stortorget (Swedish "Large Square") in Karlskron is the largest square in the city. The square is located in the center on the island of Trosso. The square is located at the highest point of the island and is limited to several monumental buildings. The Church of Frederick, the Church of the Holy Trinity and the Town Hall are part of the World Heritage Site.

The area is about 200x100 square meters and is square, except for its eastern side, which has an annex where Kirkogatan Street connects. The square is not fully visible, as near the center of the square, just west of the actual center where the statue of Charles XI stands, is the church of Friedrich. The visible area of the square is only about 140x100 square meters.

The large size of the square in relation to the surrounding town testifies to the importance that its designers gave to Karlskrona when it was founded as Sweden's main naval base in 1680.

Klaipeda Square is located to the north of the square with the fountain "Stora fisken" (Swedish: "Big Fish"). The square is known as "Fish". The shopping and pedestrian street Ronnebygatan stretches east and west. Bankhuset and Hotell Statt are located east of Klaipedaplatzen in the northwest of the square.

Stortorget, Karlskrona