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Blekinge Museum, Karlskrona

The Blekinge Museum is a local history museum in Blekinge, founded in 1899.

The museum was founded by the Blekinge Antiquities Association, which was founded in 1877, and then it was taken over by the Blekinge Museums Association. In 1929 the Blekinge Conservation Society was merged with the Blekinge Gembigsforbund, founded in 1923, into the Blekinge and Hembigdsforbund Museums.

The book is published from 1923 to 1923-26 as Blekingebigder. The museum also includes an open-air museum, which was established in 1910 in Wämöparken. The museum has been located in Grevagorden since 1972 and the main building is Wachtmeister Palace, built in 1703-05.

The mission of the Blekinge Museum is to deepen and clarify knowledge about cultural heritage, especially the Blekinge Museum, and provide a forum for ongoing public debate. The museum is active throughout the Blekings, but it has Karlskrona as its starting point.

Blekinge Museum has been a foundation since 1983 . The main leaders are the Blekinge County Council, the municipality of Karlskrona and Blekinge Hembigsforbund. The museum's exhibition halls are located next to Fisktorghet in Karlskrona, where the J.A. World Heritage Building Grevagården is included. There is also a shop, a playground and a baroque garden. Other buildings are also owned or operated by the museum; a large object magazine in Rosenholm, most cottages in Wämöparken (Blekinges Skansen) and the Saxemara shipyard in Ronneby. The main areas of the museum are the coast and archipelago, World Heritage City, Karlskrona and the Danish era of Blekinge.

The museum displays parts of the collection of Eric Heglund, which contains glass, sculpture and paintings by an artist born in Karlskrona. A number of temporary exhibitions on different themes are held each year.

In the Rosenholm area outside Karlskrona there is a museum magazine that is available to the public.

The museum has collected memories and traces of human history in Blekinga. The collection contains around 60,000 objects and over 1 million photographs. In addition, there is an archive, maps and literature. The museum owns, among other things, one of the largest collections of folk boats in the country.

In the Rosenholm area near Karlskrona there is a large museum magazine, which is open to the public every Thursday. The museum's Fact Hall is located in Grevagorden in Karlskrona, where you can find literature and archives related to the district.

Blekinge Museum, Karlskrona