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Kaisaniemi, Helsinki

Kaisaniemi is part of the centre of Helsinki, Finland. It is located just north of Helsinki Central Station and south of Hakaniemi. The most famous part of Kaisaniemi is the Kaisaniemi Park, a park occupying many hectares right in the city centre. Kaisaniemi is part of Vironniemi district and surroundings of Kluuvi .

Kaisaniemi district was first founded in the 1820s, when Katharina "Kaisa" Vallünd founded a restaurant in the city centre. The restaurant, which has survived to this day, later gave its name to the whole area. The reason for the similarities between Finnish and Swedish names is that, unlike almost any other district in central Helsinki, Kaisaniemi first got a Finnish name, and the name was copied into Swedish with a slight spelling change.

In addition to a park and a restaurant, Kaisaniemi has a cinema palace, the second largest cinema in Helsinki. It is also a site of beautiful Helsinki botanical gardens and greenhouses. Kaisaniemi is served by the University of Helsinki Metro Station, opened in 1995. The Green League of Finland Party traditionally holds its less formal events and activities in Kaisaniemi restaurant.