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Helsinki City Museum

Helsingin kaupunginmuseo (Helsingfors stadsmuseum, Sweden) is a historical museum dedicated to the city of Helsinki. The exhibitions show the stages of development of Helsinki from a small city to the capital of the country.

The museum actively uses virtual reality, projections, computer animation. Entrance to the museum and branches is free.

In 2017 the museum has put into free access a rich collection of archive photos.

The main building of the museum is built in the style of national romanticism.

Museum departments

The main building. In the main building of the museum before the transfer of the museum to Aleksanterinkatu was the exhibition "Helsinki Horizons", which represents more than 450 years of history of the city. In addition, temporary exhibitions dedicated to different aspects of the life of the Finnish capital in one or another historical epochs were constantly held here.

The burger house (Finnish Ruiskumestarin talo; address: Kristianinkatu 12) was built in 1818. It is the oldest wooden building in Helsinki. Inside, it recreates the bourgeois life of the 1860s.

Villa Hakasalmen huvila (Finnish: Mannerheimintie 13).

The Power Station Museum (Fin. Voimalamuseo) is located in the Vanhakaupunka district (Hämeentie 163). It is located at the rapids at the mouth of the river Vantaa, in those places where in 1550 the city was founded and where its first industrial buildings were erected. From 1550 to the beginning of XX century, a water mill moved the mill grinders.

School Museum (Fin. Koulumuseo; address: Kalevankatu 39-41).

Helsinki City Museum

The Sederholmin talo (Fin. Sederholmin talo; address: Aleksanterinkatu 18) is the oldest (1757) stone building in the historic centre of Helsinki. It is located at the corner of Senate Square. Since 1995, the Sederholm House has had a permanent exhibition, introducing visitors to the merchant life of the 18th century. There are also various temporary exhibitions.

Tram Museum (Fin. Ratikkamuseo; address: Töölönkatu 51 A) Located in Helsinki's oldest tram depot. The exhibition is dedicated to the history of public transport in Helsinki.

Tuomarinkylän Manor Museum and Children's Museum (Fin. Tuomarinkylän kartanomuseo & Lastenmuseo; address: Tuomarinkylän district in the north of the city).

Workers' Home Museum (Finnish Työväenasuntomuseon; address: Kirstinkuja 4)