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Esplanadi, Helsinki

Esplanadi, popularly known as Espa, is an esplanade and city park in central Helsinki, Finland, located between Erottaja Square and Market Square. On the north and south sides it borders Pohjoisesplanadi (North Esplanadi) and Eteläesplanadi (South Esplanadi) streets respectively. Alexanterinkatu runs parallel to Esplanadi.

Designed by architect Carl Ludwig Engel, the park was opened in 1818. In 1827, the first Engel Theatre building in Helsinki, also designed by Engel, was built in the corner of the park.

In the eastern part of the park there is a restaurant "Cappeli", opened in 1867. In front of the restaurant there is an open stage with numerous live music performances. In the park there is a statue of Johan Ludwig Runeberg, created by his son Walter Runeberg. Other works of art by the public include those of Viktor Jansson and Gunnar Finne.