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Suomnelinna Toy Museum, Helsinki

In Suomenlinna the Toy Museum presents old toys, the oldest of which date back to the early 19th century. The newest toys from the end of the Soviet Union. In a private collection there are hundreds of old dolls, about a hundred historic teddy bears and other toys full of history. The toys in the collection are from Finland and thus reflect Finnish culture and playing traditions. Toys and wartime games, for example, are of great interest.

Suomenlinna Toy Museum is a family company that does not receive financial support from the government or any other authority. The museum has about twenty thousand visitors per year. Both the museum and the café have loyal customers who come from all over the world. 

In connection with the Suomenlinna Toy Museum there is a small and cozy museum shop, which sells children's, fun and romantic things, as well as for adults. The Toy Museum's own production is represented, for example, by postcards.

The Toy Museum has a charming little Samovarbar café with an open terrace where you can watch the ships passing by. The café offers homemade delicacies such as Tahmatassu chocolate cake or Commander Kovanko apple pie with vanilla sauce. The Toy Museum Café is actually famous for its apple pie! The museum staff is fond of tea, which can be seen in a wide range of teas in the cafe. There is also special coffee and good old hot chocolate - with whipped cream, of course. The Toy Museum with its café is absolutely worth a visit.

Suomnelinna Toy Museum, Helsinki