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Kamppi Chapel, Helsinki

The chapel in Kamppi, Helsinki, is located on Narinkka Square. It is also known as the Chapel of Silence, as it is intended to calm down and spend a moment of silence in one of the busiest areas of Finland.

The Chapel is managed through a partnership between the Helsinki Parish Union and the City of Helsinki's Department of Social Services, and parish unions from the neighbouring cities of Espoo and Vantaa also participate in the Chapel. There are no regular divine services in the Chapel, although regular prayers are planned in the future.

The Chapel is ecumenical and welcomes everyone, regardless of religion, philosophy of life or origin.

Representatives of both the parishes and the Welfare Department are present in the chapel for personal conversations.

The Chapel was built as part of the World Design Capital program in 2012. It was designed by architects Kimmo Lintula, Nico Sirola and Mikko Summanen of K2S Architects Ltd. and won the International Architectural Award in 2010. The Chapel became popular immediately after its opening: by January 2013 it had attracted around 250,000 visitors, and a year later it had welcomed 500,000 visitors. CNN called the building an architectural landmark and said: "The chapel demonstrates how modern architecture in its best state can charm and inspire.

Kamppi Chapel, Helsinki