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Villa Gyllenberg, Helsinki

Villa Gyllenberg is a private art and home museum owned by the Signe and Anna Gyllenberg Foundation, located in western Helsinki on the southwest shore of Kuusisaari. The address of the museum is 11 Kuusisaarenpolku.

The museum's collection stems from the passion of the banker and commercial consultant Ann Gillenberg (1891-1977) for art collecting. The museum's permanent collection of works of art includes more than 350 works from 1500-1970. Finnish art is particularly well represented. Well-known works in the collection represent, for example, Ad Astra Akseli Gallen-Kallela. The works of Helen Schjerfbeck (1862-1946) were particularly richly collected, from the production of many years of research to self-portraits and still lifes that were created in the last year of the artist's life. The collection also includes old European art, mainly from the 16th and 17th centuries Among the sculptures in the collection, for example, the head of Väino Aaltonen Alexis Kivi .

The museum is located in the former house of Signe and Anna Gillenberg. The original villa was designed by Matti Feinell in 1938 and extended in 1955. The renovated gallery was opened in 1980, fulfilling the goal of the Signe and Ane Gillenberg Foundation, founded in 1948: to present a collection of works of art to the public.

Villa Gyllenberg will be closed in July. There is a café next to the art museum. The Diedrichsen Art Museum is approximately 300 metres away.