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Didrichsen Art Museum, Helsinki

The Diedrichsen Art Museum is located on Kuusisaari Island in Helsinki in a house designed by Viljo Revelle for Gunnar and Maria-Louise Diedrichsen (born Granfelt). 

The first part of the Villa Didrichsen building was built as a house in 1958 and the exhibition wing in 1964. The museum was opened to the public in 1965. Didrichsens The artworks born in life were continued by a family of four children, of whom Peter Didrichsen was museum director until 2020. Maria Didrichsens continues as director of the museum. 

Originally Diedrichsen collected traditional Finnish art, but gradually moved to modernism. There are also changing exhibitions in the museum. The surrounding seaside park features contemporary sculptures, including the largest collection of Henry Moore in the Nordic countries and Eila Hiltunen's Crescendo, dedicated to the memory of Marie-Louise Didriksen.

The Diedrichsen Art Museum was closed in April 2013 due to a major renovation. It opened on Helsinki Day, June 12, 2014.

Didrichsen Art Museum, Helsinki