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Tervasaari, Helsinki

Tervasaari is an island before Kruununhaka in Helsinki. Tervasaari is connected to the mainland by a long promenade called Tervasaaarennas. The quay connects to the northern shore on the eastern edge of Helsinki's city centre. 

The island has, among other things, a restaurant shed, children's playground, a dog fence with bathing areas, a performance and event area and a carpeted pier. The Tervasaari was reconstructed into a functioning park in the 1990s. 

Tar Island is named after the resin export warehouse located on the island.  Tervasaari appeared on maps from the 1640s as Tiäruholmen. The name Tervasaari began to be based at the end of the 19th century. 

In 1804, Tervasaari was rented out as a warehouse for boards to board merchant Petter Heidenstrauch. In 1805 Heidenstrauch built a resin barn on the island. The barn is the only surviving building on the island. The fences were located in Tervasaari because of the fire hazard.

At that time they were wooden houses, the houses of which were covered with combustible materials such as tiles, bundles or peat, and the yards kept grass and firewood. Firefighting equipment was also inefficient. For these reasons, the risk of spreading objects was high. For example, Helsinki was almost completely destroyed by a fire that started on 17 November 1808.

During the wars, Tervasaari had an anti-aircraft gun and the barn was used to house his team. In 1939 Tervasaarenkannas was built to connect Tervasaari and Pohjoisranta. Once the permanent connection to the island was established, the town began using the island as its warehouse. A high fence was built around the island. In winter, Tervasaari was relieved of snow loads.

Tervasaari, Helsinki

In 1970 Tervasaari was completely open to the citizens. At that time the last cement plant on the island was moved away. Tar Island began to expand, attracting land to fill it. During the last overhaul in 1995, the artificial pond on the island was filled.

Since tar storage, the island has been used in many ways. In 1967, the Tervasaaaren Aitta restaurant was opened in the island shed. The restaurant was operated by Oyu Primula Ab, Leila Orpanan Pirkkis Kai and Wolfgang Wiegand, owner of Zinnkeller. Since 2007, A & S Ravintolat has been responsible for the activities of the restaurants called Savu Restaurant.

After the reconstruction of the 1990s, Tervasaari has become an urban park in Helsinki with a playground for children and a dog park. Tervasaaarenkannas has a marina for the Helsinki Yacht Club, where there are also places for guests. Tervasaaarenkannas also has an event stage with an increasing audience. Two professional theatres operate in the amphitheatre every year: HIT Helsinki, which has been staging theatrical productions for the whole family, and Theatre Helsinki, which has been operating since 2005 and staging performances for adults.

Tervasaari, Helsinki