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Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Helsinki

Espoo Museum of Modern Art , EMMA - Municipal Art Museum in Espoo in Finland . The museum's exhibition space is the largest for an art museum in Finland and covers 5000 square metres.

Espoo Museum of Contemporary Art was founded in 2002 and opened to the public in the newly renovated WeeGee building in 2006. The collections are based on the Espoo City Art Collection, the Saastamoinen Foundation's collections and the Raimo Utreinen Art Foundation's collection, which was deposited with EMMA in October 2006.

In 2015, the museum was visited by 101,628 people.  The number of visitors in 2014 was 96,977. 

EMMA presents more than 1,700 works of art from the Saastamoinen Foundation and 2,500 works of art from the Espoo collections. The works of art in the first collection are more or less fully represented, while not all of the works of art in the Espoo City collections are always exhibited.

Outside the house WeeGee is the first mass production of a copy of Matti Suuronen in a flying saucer of the Futuro house in yellow paint, reinforced with glass fibre polyester.

EMMA activities include conservation, research, archiving and documentation. The museum also publishes its own magazine.

Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Helsinki