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Linnamaki, Helsinki

Linnamäki is an amusement park located in Helsinki, Finland. The park was opened on 27 May 1950 and is owned by Lasten Päivän Säätiö (Children's Day Foundation), a non-profit organization. There are 43 different attractions in Linnamäki Park, designed for different age and height. There are also other attractions and services in the park, such as games and games machines, restaurants, kiosks, shops and an outdoor stage. In summer, popular performers perform on the open stage.

In 2007, the park was visited by 1.2 million visitors and the collection in 2015 was 4.1 million euros. Today Linnamäki is the largest amusement park in Northern Europe by number of attractions. It has become an important social project initiated by the Children's Day Foundation. Linnamäki's profits are being spent on charity.

Currently there are 43 amusement rides in Linnamäki Park, along with other attractions. One of the most famous attractions in Linnamäki is the wooden Vuoristorata roller coaster. It is the most recognizable symbol of the park and one of the first attractions installed in the park. The oldest attraction in Linnamäki is the "Karuselli", built in 1896.

There are many extreme attractions in Linnamäki, such as the Raketti (old name Space Shot), which is a free-fall tower with a pneumatic mechanism, built in 1999 by S&S Power. There are various roller coasters in the park - Tulireki ("Sledges of Fire"), Linnunrata ("Milky Way" - covered roller coasters with space themes), Pikajuna ("Fast Train") and Finland's first rafting track "Vonkaputous" ("From Slide to Water").

Linnamaki, Helsinki

Entrance to the amusement park and Panoraama Lookout Tower is free. To ride the rides, you must purchase a one-time ticket for the ride or a special control bracelet. Many attractions have growth restrictions and the price of the bracelet depends on the height of the visitor - the higher the height, the more attractions he can visit. Adults who accompany a child with a control bracelet on an attraction for children below 100 cm can ride the same attractions for free.

There is a sea life oceanarium built in the park, where you can see the inhabitants of the depths of tropical seas and oceans collected from around the world. The park also has the Peacock Teatteri Theatre, famous for its musical performances.

In 2007 the new Kirnu roller coaster was built in the park. It is a model "Zacspin" of the famous Swiss company Intamin. Other changes that took place in 2007 are the transfer of the classic attraction "Autorata" to a new site near the Ferris wheel. In 2008, a new roller coaster Salama ("Lightning") was launched in Linnamäki, the company Maurer Söhne, which specializes in rides with rotating cabins.

In 2010 the Park Linnamäki celebrated its 60th anniversary.

On 27 May 2011, the new Ukko roller coaster ("Lord of the Sky") was launched.

Linnamaki, Helsinki