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Tennispalatsi, Helsinki

Tennispalatsi , is a closed cultural and entertainment center in Kamppi , Helsinki , Finland . Here you will find the Finnkino Cinema, Helsinki City Art Museum, Museum of Cultures and small shops.

The Tennis Palace was built in 1938 in preparation for the 1940 Summer Olympic Games. The building of the functionalist with four tennis courts was designed by Helge Lundström. At the 1952 Summer Olympic Games basketball was held in Tennispalatsi.

Finnkino has a 14 theatre multiplex in Tennispalatsi. It was opened on February 26, 1999. The size of the theatre is from 92 to 703 seats. The largest theater has a screen of 184.8 square meters (1,989 square feet) (8.8 m × 21 m or 29 feet 69 feet). All rooms use Dolby Digital, DTS and SDDS technology. They also conform to THX standards, although they are no longer THX certified after Finnkino stopped paying THX license fees in 2004; THX logos are no longer used in Tennispalatsi or Finnkino marketing.

Tennispalatsi is one of the two major Finnkino cinemas in Helsinki, along with Kinopalatsi. According to Finnkino, it was the first cinema in the world to use THX and SDDS in all its audiences.

Tennispalatsi, Helsinki