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St. John's Church, Helsinki

St. John's Church in Helsinki, Finland is a Lutheran church designed by Swedish architect Adolf Melander in Neo-Gothic style. It is the largest stone church in Finland in terms of capacity. 

Located in Ullanlinna district of Helsinki, the church was built between 1888 and 1891, the third Lutheran church in Helsinki, and still the largest. The twin towers are 74 metres high and the church can accommodate 2,600 people and has excellent acoustics, so it is used for large concerts and events as well as for service. In the altar room shows the Saul transformation x and painting, called the Divine Revelation, is Jarnefelt, brother-in-law to Sibelius . 

Johannes (John) Church stands on a hill that for centuries was the site of summer solstice bonfires (Midsummer now also "John's Day", Juhannus in Finnish).

The composer Oscar Mericanto was for some time an organist in church.


St. John's Church, Helsinki