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Helsinki Distillery Company

The Helsinki distillation company started its operations at the slaughterhouse in August 2014. The distillery now produces gin, whisky, apple jack and a modern long drink called Helsinki Long Drink All products are handmade from the best Finnish ingredients - and are loved.

The Helsinki distilling company opened its own bar on the ground floor of the distillery in December 2016. The bar offers a full range of HDCO's own products, from famous favourites to seasonal products, as well as a wide selection of whisky and gin from other manufacturers. In addition, customers can also count on a selection of high quality tequila and mescal, for example. In addition to high-quality drinks, the Distillery bar also serves food. The kitchen is open every time the bar is open.

Those who want to get to know the distillery better can do so during guided tours, which introduce visitors to the distillation process and the collection of old pharmacy bottles, and explain why Finnish water and high-quality distillates blend so well with each other. The distillery is also an active participant in many Abattoir events.

Helsinki Distillery Company