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Hietaniemi beach, Helsinki

Hietaniemi beach is a popular sandy beach in the center of Helsinki, in the European country of Finland. 3 It is located in the Töölö area, near the cemetery of Hietaniemi, and is the most popular beach in central Helsinki.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the remote area of Hietaniemi was used as a dumping ground and became a sand storage area. The sand was swamped with barges from the sea bottom for several years. The sand was never really used, but it accumulated there. In 1929, the inhabitants of the area began using it as a sandy beach.

Situated near the town centre, the beach is now a popular summer destination for locals and tourists. It is also a popular place to play beach volleyball, and since 1995 the Hietsu Beach Volleyball Tournament has been held there.