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Sea Life in Helsinki

Sea Life in Helsinki is an oceanarium with interesting deep-sea inhabitants as well as artificial expositions. Despite its relatively small size, the Helsinki Aquarium is rich in content. Immediately after entering, visitors are given a coloured stamp with which they can enter the area an infinite number of times over the next day. This is handy if you want to go out for a snack or air with your child.

Visitors are enchanted by the skillfully recreated atmosphere of the sea cave, and children love the submarine entrance. The rooms are stylized as caves and algae and vines hang from the walls. Near the entrance there is a mini boat - a room for children's games with chairs and a Lego table. By the way, on the territory of the oceanarium there is also a sandpit with toys - it is very helpful to entertain your child when he is tired of walking among the aquariums and viewing the expositions.  In total, Sea Life Helsinki Oceanarium has more than 50 sea water tanks. They are home to seahorses, silvery herringbones, sharp-toothed piranhas and predatory sharks, hammerfish, stingrays, jellyfishes and turtles. Sharks are the pride of Sea Life aquarium in Helsinki, as Finnish specialists have succeeded in their breeding. In total, there are more than 10 species of sharks. A tunnel is made under the aquarium so that visitors can admire them to the fullest extent. Sharks floating above your head will impress anyone! There is a separate cave room for turtles. Young visitors to the Helsinki Aquarium will be delighted to see the newborn baby turtle. There is also a turtle house, a large artificial egg-shell, in which children can climb and be photographed. As in other rooms, there is dusk reigning here, adding to the atmosphere of mystery of the sea bottom.

A visit to the Helsinki Sea Life oceanarium will be useful for children of all ages. And if kids are interested in the sandpit and sea creatures, the older kids have an incentive to get a symbolic gift. At the entrance, a card with riddles is issued, and if properly solved, the participant receives a plastic pendant in the form of a starfish. Plates with supporting information and riddles are placed near the aquariums, which children study with pleasure. It is convenient that there is also a Russian translation. In 2017 it is planned to open an interactive aquarium. Another fascinating activity is watching the inhabitants feed. It is held in turn at intervals of one hour, so you can have time to see all the aquariums. First they feed octopuses, then rays, seahorses, piranhas, sharks. On the territory of the oceanarium walk employees with containers and offer to touch the safe inhabitants of the underwater world with their hands. They are also interested in the expositions. One of the halls is decorated in the style of the Ice Age. In the other hall the exhibition is called "Diving to the dinosaurs", because sharks are their ancestors. In the middle of the hall there is a huge artificial dinosaur skeleton. The service is provided in Finnish, English and Swedish. It is possible to take a guide in Russian at the ticket office during the excursion. There is a self-service wardrobe and a souvenir shop on the territory of the facility. For more details, visit the official website of the Oceanarium.  A café with high chairs is located next door. It is more suitable for a quick snack, as the menu includes cookies, muffins, drinks and fries. Children there like animators who walk around dressed as clowns, lizards, dragons between tables and entertain visitors. By the way, they can be photographed with them for free. Getting to know the sea creatures can be combined with wonderful entertainment in the amusement park of Linnamäki, which is located next to the Helsinki Aquarium.