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World Peace Statue, Helsinki

The work "World Peace", donated by Moscow to the city of Helsinki, was presented on January 14, 1990. The donation was part of the cities' friendship and cultural exchange programme. The gift from Helsinki to Moscow was Anttie Nevonen's "Friendship of Nations" sculpture, which was placed in a park specially designed for the donated sculptures. Kiryukhin's work is a good example of Soviet social realism. It consists of five figures representing inhabitants of five continents. The figures supporting the balloon decorated with leaves take part in the demonstration of fists raised in defense of peace. At the opening, Lord Mayor of Helsinki Raimo Ilaskivi noted in his speech that although the work is powerful and significant, it has caused much controversy.

The work is cast in bronze and 6.5 meters high with its pedestal. The work is from the collections of the Helsinki Museum of Art.