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Hietaniemi Cemetery, Helsinki

Hietaniemi Cemetery, state cemetery in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

It includes a large military cemetery with a section of graves of soldiers killed in the Winter War (1939-1940), World War II (1941-1944) and Lapland War (1944-1945). In the centre of the military cemetery are the graves of an unknown soldier and Marshal Karl Mannerheim.

In Finnish Hietaniemi it means "sandy scythe", this name was given to the cemetery because it is located on a cape in the centre of Helsinki.

The cemetery is a popular tourist attraction, especially among Finns visiting the graves of relatives who died in wars, or the graves of famous Finns buried here.

Four other cemeteries directly border the Hietaniemi, forming a single complex: the Jewish cemetery, the Islamic cemetery, the "Great" Orthodox cemetery and the Nikola Orthodox cemetery.

Mannerheim and six other presidents of Finland are buried in the cemetery, as well as such world-famous Finns as the creator of mumi trolls Tuve Jansson, architects Aalto and Engel and poet Topelius. 

Hietaniemi Cemetery, Helsinki