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Vapriikki Museum Center, Tampere

Vapriikki Museum Center in Tampere, Tampella district Tammerkosken beach, located in the Museum Center, which was opened to the public in autumn 1996 Vapriikki exhibitions dedicated to, among others, Tampere and Pirkanmaa history, science, technology, industry and technology, as well as archaeology and foreign cultures .

Vapriikki is named after the Swedish sanasta factory intention. The museum centre is located in the former workshop of the Tampella factory, the oldest parts of which were built in the 1880s. Half of Vapriik's approximately 14,000 square metres are dedicated to exhibitions and public spaces. The rest of the space is dedicated to other activities of the centre, such as research and archaeological works. 

Vapriikki was selected as the Museum of the Century at the Gala Concert of Culture of the Century in October 2017, which was part of the 100th Anniversary of Finland program. 

Vapriikki always has more than ten simultaneous exhibitions. The main exhibitions are the Stone Museum, Rupriikki, the Post Museum, the Hockey Museum, the Game Museum and the Natural History Museum. The permanent exhibition also includes the 1918 Tampere Civil War. The Museum Center also hosts changing exhibitions, some of which are international. 

Vapriikki Museum Center, Tampere