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Tampere Cathedral

Tampere Cathedral was built between 1902 and 1907. It is located in Jussinküla, Tampere. Until 1923, when it became the Cathedral of Tampere diocese, the church was known as the Church of St. John. The church, which is also of great architectural importance, was designed by architect Lars Sonck. The Church of Finström . The church and its works of art represent a national romantic style. 

The famous frescoes in the church hall were painted by artist Hugo Simberg. On both sides of the altar are paintings of "The Wounded Angel" and "The Garden of Death." which are some of Simberg's most famous works and of which he later made several new versions. The gallery along the barrier church halls rotates on the fresco of Köynnöksenkantajat, where Jesus teaches children to symbolize the twelve hours of naked little boys carrying the ruusuköynnöstä. On the ceiling of the main storage room is drawn a winding snake with an apple of good and evil in its mouth. The windows of the church are decorated with brilliant performances of Simberg on biblical subjects. The resurrection of the great altar and the window composition of the sink were made by Magnus Enkell. Decorative paintings of the church by Carl Slott .

The paintings caused great resentment among contemporaries, the skeletons and bare vines of Simberg's Death Garden were considered by many to be unsuitable for the church, not to mention that the serpent was painted in the hall of honor in the church hall. Today, the paintings of Simberg and Enkell are considered masterpieces of Finnish symbolism.

The first main church organ was completed in 1907. The organ was produced in Lahti by the organ factory. The present organ was made in 1929. The instruments of the original organ were used for its production. The work on the change was developed by organist Aarne Vegelius from the Old Church in Tampere, and the work was done at the Kangasala Organ Factory. The organ has three fingers and almost 70 voices, making it the fourth largest church organ in Finland. The main organ will be renovated in spring 2021. 

The organ in the side gallery of the church was produced by the Kangasala Organ Factory in 1983. 

In addition to the actual use of the church, Tampere Cathedral often also serves as a venue for various musical performances (organ concerts, oratorios, choral performances, etc.). In the spring of 2007, the 1918 Civil War Hate Day took place, in which the construction of the church played an important role.

Tampere Cathedral