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The Werstas Employees Museum

The Werstas Employees Museum is a national museum of responsibility located in Tampere. The museum specializes in recording, research and presentation of social and work history and the working population. Since 2012 the Museum of the Deaf, which was previously located in Helsinki, also worked in conjunction with Wersta.Since the beginning of 2014 Werstas museum workers also managed to the Lenin Museum in Tampere House of Work .

Werstas Workers' Museum is the second largest museum in Tampere and the largest free museum in Finland. 

The main exhibition of Versa, "Meira City", is dedicated to changes in working life, workers' homes and stages of civil society development in the 20th century. In the exhibition you can find, among others, the cooperative trade of the beginning of the century, the savings bank and the workers' home. 

The Steam Engine Museum has the largest steam engine used in Finland on permanent display. The giant Sulzer was commissioned in 1900 and was the power source for the Finlayson plant. The machine is in its original position.  The Steam Engine Museum was previously a private museum at the Finlayson plant. 

The Freedom Museum, which opened in 2017, is Wersta's main exhibition, which examines Finnish society and the period of Finland's independence in terms of freedom and well-being. It is the largest exhibition in Wersta's history by value.

The Werstas Employees Museum

The establishment of a museum specializing in the registration of working culture has been discussed in Finland since the early 1980s. To achieve this goal, an Association of Central Museum Workers was established in 1988. The Association started to increase the collections of the future museum. Several existing museums and collections have been merged into the future museum collection, such as the cooperative museum, then the working clothes museum, in the STS Bank Museum and Kivistö Croft Museum .

The Central Museum of Workers was founded in 1993. The first years of the museum worked in building TR 57 at the factory site Finlayson . Moving to TR 6 in 2001 gave the museum a new name - Central Museum of Workers Werstas . In 2007 the name was shortened to the Museum of Workers of Werstas .

The history of the museum dates back to 2019, when it was visited by over 51,000 visitors. 

The Werstas Employees Museum