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Sarah Hilden Art Museum

Sarah Hilden Art Museum is an art museum located in Syarkäniemi, Tampere. Sarah Hilden, whose name the museum bears, was an entrepreneur in the clothing industry and a great friend of art, who during her lifetime has acquired an extensive collection of Finnish and foreign art. Today the Museum of Art is located in Tampere and the collection of contemporary art belonging to the Sarah Hilden Foundation is permanently there. The museum's collection focuses on art from the 1960s and 1970s.

The museum is open all year round and accessible to the disabled. There is a sculpture park in the courtyard.
The agreement between the City of Tampere and the Sarah Hilden Foundation to establish the museum was signed in 1975. The museum opened its doors to the public in February 1979.

The building of the museum was designed by the architectural bureau Pekka Ilveskoski .

The museum houses the collection of works of art of the Sarah Hilden Foundation, which appeared in 1962. At that time Sarah Hilden donated her artworks to the Foundation, which was named after her. The collection is based on early paintings by Eric Enrot from 1945-1963.

The collection of the Sarah Hilden Foundation consists of Finnish and foreign paintings, sculptures, drawings and graphics and is one of the largest and most significant collections of modern art in Finland. The Foundation will continue to add to the collection and maintain its acquisitions at the Sarah Hilden Art Museum. The collection currently consists of approximately 4,600 works, and the collection of graphic works by artist Pentti Kaskipuro has been received as a bequest donation.

The museum organizes changing exhibitions. The collections of the Sarah Hilden Foundation, from the classics of modernism to the latest acquisitions, are often shown throughout the summer. The exhibition programme also includes presentations of Finnish contemporary art and, in particular, high-level reviews of international contemporary art and contemporary art. Scientific preparation of the exhibitions, publishing and art education for children and youth are the main functional priorities of the museum.

The Sculpture Park of the Pushkin Museum of Art. The Sarah Hilden Art Museum Sculpture Park, located next to the museum building, was opened in 1979. There are about twenty sculptures in the collections of the Art Museum. 

Sarah Hilden Art Museum