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Pyynikki observation tower, Tampere

Puyunikki Lookout Tower is a 26m viewing tower in Tampere, Finland. It was completed in 1929 by the city architect Viljo Kolho and was built of local red granite. The tower stands 75 meters above the level of the adjacent Pyuhäärvi Lake (152 meters above sea level) on the Pyunikki ridge ridge. 

You can climb to the top by elevator, but when you climb up the stairs you will see different viewing windows. The open top offers a clear view of Tampere as well as Lake Näsijärvi in the north and Lake Pyhäjärvi in the south. Entrance to the park and cafe is free, but climbing the tower costs 50 cents for children or 2 euros for adults. The café has its own historic doughnut recipe, which has remained unchanged for 80 years.

Pyunikki has been a park and a place of natural beauty since 1830s, and the first cafe in Pyunikki was opened in 1868. The first observation tower was built in 1888 according to the design of architect Georg Shrek, but it was damaged in the battle of 1918. Tampere . The reconstruction plans began in 1925, and the new tower and café were opened in 1929 for the 150th anniversary of the city. The opening ceremonies were postponed due to the death of the ship Kourou, which killed 136 people.

In the late 1960s and 1970s, the modern Näsinneula Tower was built in Tampere, replacing the role of Pünikki as a tourist attraction for foreign tourists, leaving Pünikki mainly for local visitors and other Finns, as well as a hidden gem for foreign tourists.

The Pyynikki Lookout Tower is listed as a cultural environment of national importance by the Finnish National Board of Antiquities.

Pyynikki observation tower, Tampere