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Finlayson Church, Tampere

Finlayson Church is located in the Tamppe Finlayson factory area, located in the Gothic Renaissance style, which was represented by the former Finlayson cotton factory in the church, which was built in 1879. The church was built by factory director Wilhelm von Nottbeck. The church was previously used as a place of worship for factory workers. Today it belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran communities in Tampere and is used as a children's road church and a popular wedding church. Originally, the church was completed as a prayer room. The church was consecrated by Bishop Matti Repo on 28 September 2009.

The church, built for use by Finlayson's factory workers, was completed in 1879. The church was built primarily as a place of worship, but the first working day of the year also began with a divine service until the 1970s. The Finlayson factory workers formed their own meeting between 1846 and 1860. The factory had its own priest, a factory preacher from 1846 to 1880. His task was to care for the spiritual well-being of the factories and to be responsible for divine services in Finnish. After the end of the office, the Tampere priests will also take care of the events in the Finleyson Church. The factory donated the church and its areas to the Tampere Evangelical-Lutheran congregations in 1981. The condition for the donation was that the church would continue to be called the Finleyson Church.

The church was designed by F.L. Kalonius, then Tampere city architect. The church is single-aisle and Gothic in style. The material of the church facade is pure red brick. It is reminiscent of an English congregationalist church, with a church pulpit and organ, as usual, behind the altar. At the top of the organ, the statue of the Archangel Michael looks towards the old factory. The church has neither altars nor sculptures. Originally, the church had the same rows of pews, which were separated in the middle corridor only later. The outside is decorated with several tops and crosses.

The church organ was built by the organ building of William Hill and his son in the 1850s and was purchased for the Finleyson Church from St. Petersburg in 1879.

The church was renovated from September 2007 to the end of summer 2008. The board floor was replaced with a tiled floor. At the same time, the color of the church was darkened compared to the previous one. Thanks to the additional space received from the neighboring plot, the missing rooms of the sacristy were built in the church. They were connected with the church by glass corridors.

Finlayson Church, Tampere