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The Church of Alexandria, Tampere

The Church of Alexandria is a Lutheran church in Tampere, belonging to the Tampere Diocese.

The church is 57.5 metres high and 60 metres long. The church has a capacity of 1200 seats.
The name of the church is associated with the name of Emperor Alexander II, who on 2 March 1880 celebrated the 25th anniversary of his reign. On this day the first stone was laid in the foundation of the church. The project of the temple erected in Neo-Gothic style was performed by architect Theodor Decker. The church was consecrated on November 27, 1881.

The forbidden image was made in 1883 by the artist Alexandra Soltin at the expense of an anonymous donator. The sermon department was designed by the architect Theodore Decker.

In 1937 the church was reconstructed in the spirit of national romanticism according to the project of architect Bertel Stemmer, but at the end of the repair there was a fire (a warehouse of paints caught fire), the consequences of which were eliminated by December 1938. During the renovation, the originally open altar part was bricked up, and a small chapel and prayer rooms were built on the first floor. The altar part was decorated by Antti Salmenlinna.

The altarpiece has been restored according to the design of Bertel Strommer.

During the restoration of 1980, the church building was restored to its original appearance. The cross on the altar throne was designed by the spouse sculptors Ipi and Pekka Pyhjatlto. The church curtains were made by Anja Savolainen.

Originally, the organ for the Church of Alexandria was borrowed from the old cathedral located in the central square. In 1885 the church acquired its own organ, but it died in a fire in 1937. The facade of the organ has been preserved to this day, however, and the new organ, designed by Aarnem Vegelius, was consecrated in 1939 in the Kangasala organ workshop. It has 55 registers.

The reliefs of the second tier are by Evert Porila based on the Sermon on the Mount.

The crypt was completed in 2008, designed by architect Mikko Suominen. The old supports of the church were seamlessly integrated into the structure of the new room.

The Church of Alexandria, Tampere